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Grant Report

Grantees can use this online form to submit the Final Report for their 2022 Grant.   Please review the list below and prepare your materials before you begin. 

  • Organization Name, Business Address, City, State, Zip  

  • Phone, Email, Website

  • Contact Person, Title, Email

  • Organization Budget Update (Income + Expenses)

  • Project Description  (2500 characters)

  • Benefit Statement - How did your project benefit residents of Hyde Park / Kenwood?  Be specific about populations and how the benefits will be measured.   (2500 characters max)

  • Report Please describe how you used your grant to benefit your organization either in support of ongoing activities or new programming and initiatives? 

  • What went well?   What didn't?   What was unexpected? 

  • What is the total number of participants this grant supported?

  • Please upload a some Jpeg images that represent activities funded by this grant.

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